34 Scary Photos of The World’s Filthiest Homes

If the prospect of cleaning your home or your office brings you out in a dread-induced rash, just imagine for a second the cold sweats experienced by the unlucky human beings tasked with de-griming the following filthy living spaces.

The levels of squalor range from horrendously disorganized through to dangerously dirty, the reasons varied and often unknown, but to be honest its irrelevant as we’ve compiled these breathtaking photos simply as a morale-boosting exercise for the cleaning freaks among us.
If, however, your home is dirtier than any of those shown below, get some professional cleaning help. Seriously.

Okay. Hold your breath…

Grab a seat!


Trashcan was full …


I am saving them to build a castle!


My kids sleep ok ..

I deliver pizza’s ..


Let’s Cook!


My spot to sit … NOT

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