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    How to loose your teeth in 3,2,1

    Not only was he extremely lucky not to have died on the spot but he left some parts from him behind, like a few teeth.

    “It Was At This Moment He Knew He Fucked Up” is a catchphrase and often featured in FAIL video for humourous effect. In the videos, the footage pauses in a black and white frame just before something painfully going to happen, with the voice over narrator delivering the line with a slow and deep voice. Since emerging on the Vine platform in 2013, it has gained notoriety as a popular audio exploitable used in various parody videos.

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    Brazilian Army Jaguar Survives In Amazon Jungles

    This orphaned Jaguar cub was raised by the Brazilian military.

    The Jungle Warfare Training Centre – Centro de Instrução de Guerra na Selva (CIGS), and also known as the Colonel Jorge Teixeira Centre, is a military organisation based in Manaus, intended to qualify military leaders of small groups, as to become wilderness warriors, fighters able to accomplish military nature missions in the most inhospitable parts of the Brazilian rainforest.

    Courses are taught in jungle operations scenery in different categories – Senior Officers, Officers, Senior Non-Commissioned Officers, Non-Commissioned Officers, Medical and Health Care Personnel, and small courses for the military, police forces and civilians. Its symbol is the jaguar.

    These are mostly rescued orphaned cubs that can’t be sent back to the forest. The army keeps them at a military zoo

    When the army men of the Brazilian army found a little jaguar in the jungle of Amazon, he was hardly alive. It could not be left in the jungle — it meant certain death from hands of hunters. It was taken with them, but even it was clear after a while that the kitten is too weak to release him. Local authorities allowed leaving the kitty under the supervision of the Brazilian army. And here now the jaguar who was named Jiquitaia is healthy and surrounded with the care of people who rescued him from death.

    When there are such people on Earth who are not indifferent to other living beings’ suffering, this planet still has a chance.

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    10+ Crazy Car Loads – MUST SEE!

    What some people all tie up their car or bike is so unreal. We compiled a list of pictures showing you the most insane carloads.

    Hold your breath and watch!


    1.Take away the ties and the car falls apart


    2. Priceless indeed


    3. I would prefer straight lines

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    34 Scary Photos of The World’s Filthiest Homes

    If the prospect of cleaning your home or your office brings you out in a dread-induced rash, just imagine for a second the cold sweats experienced by the unlucky human beings tasked with de-griming the following filthy living spaces.

    The levels of squalor range from horrendously disorganized through to dangerously dirty, the reasons varied and often unknown, but to be honest its irrelevant as we’ve compiled these breathtaking photos simply as a morale-boosting exercise for the cleaning freaks among us.
    If, however, your home is dirtier than any of those shown below, get some professional cleaning help. Seriously.

    Okay. Hold your breath…

    Grab a seat!


    Trashcan was full …


    I am saving them to build a castle!


    My kids sleep ok ..

    I deliver pizza’s ..


    Let’s Cook!


    My spot to sit … NOT

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    Dashcam Video Video Will Take Your Breath Away

    In Norway, a boy was extremely lucky. When he wanted to cross the street from behind a school bus a truck coming from the other direction could barely stop to avoid a horrible accident.

    The dangerous situation happened a while back on June 19the in the Norwegian town Gol but now the video is circulating the internet.
    The dashcam footage filmed by Tor-Bjørn Kyrkjebø shows us a bus stopping and 5 kids getting off. 2 kids wanna cross the street instantly without checking the ongoing traffic.
    The truck driver coming from the other side can’t see the children because they are behind the bus.
    Either the truck is equipped with an automatic braking system or the truck driver had amazing reflexes!

    Bjørn Kyrkjebø was heavily impressed with the happening. He eventually posted the video online to warn children for things like this.
    Eventually, everything worked out great but according to the bus company, the bus stopped on a place that is not allowed to stop.
    They will investigate the whole matter

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    Woman Finds A Wild Animal In Her Home And Proceeds To Do The Dumbest Thing Imaginable

    Cats are curious creatures. One second, your cat will cozy sit your lap and purr himself into the sweetest cat nap; the very next, he’ll be clawing in your arm with a murderous look in his eyes since you dared to touch his stubborn belly.

    As unpredictable as felines can be, there’s something we can all be sure of: the average family kitty’s acts of hostility provoke bit more than a trip to the medicine cabinet. Sure, their claws are sharp, however, it’s safe to say that they’re relatively safe.

    Truth be told, any home cat’s destructive potential is very little in the grand plan of things– which was something the lady in the following story discovered the hard way …

    People tend to have strong feelings about house cats. Thanks to sporadic moments of intense affection followed rapidly by five sharp claws to the forearm, some might see cats as polarizing pets, to say the least.

    Yes, sometimes a cat’s misbehaving and flagrant disregard for glass cups sitting on a table’s edge can have owners at their wit’s end. But at the end of the day, your dastardly household cat is truly the angel of the feline world, especially considering its wild cousins…

    Don’t believe it? Check out what happened to this homeowner after she entered her kitchen to find an angry lynx inside. Tons of questions arise from this scene: How did this lynx get into the house? Why isn’t the woman moving in the other direction?

    Naturally, the woman turned on her camera and moved as close to the lynx as possible to get a better angle; however, upon hearing the fearsome growl from the lynx’s mouth, she backed up behind the safety of her kitchen counter. Smart move, lady.

    But for the sake of capturing a truly bizarre moment, she started back towards the lynx again, only to be met with a ferocious swipe. A house cat’s teeny claws sure seem preferable compared to the lynx’s massive paws, right?

    After avoiding one attack from the lynx, the woman went in for round two. The lynx wasn’t interested in any closeups, however, and fired back with a nasty two-paw lunge. This lynx was not messing around…

    While a lynx wouldn’t compete with a mountain lion or tiger, these felines still pack a powerful punch. Weighing anywhere from 15 to 60 pounds, the lynx can throw more weight behind an attack than your average house cat. Certainly, those long, sharp claws could do some damage.

    While a lynx attack isn’t necessarily as lethal as some other big cats, a trip to the emergency room is definitely a possible result. Your average kitty’s scratches on the back of your wrist aren’t looking so bad in comparison to this ferocious feline, huh?

    The next time your cat acts up and misbehaves, maybe remember this simple mantra: at least he’s not a lynx. Because while your sassy kitten might be costing you a fortune in Band-Aids, at least you’re not dealing with the terrifying roar of the feline from that video…

    If you want to hear the soul-rending sounds this lynx makes, you’ll have to tune into the video. Just a warning though: the roar of this animal will haunt your nightmares for years to come…

    Did she get the angry lynx to ease up and calm down? Was that her idea of a pet, or did the lynx wander into her house? Who’s to say, but one thing is for sure: a house cat is looking pretty cuddly right about now!

    Share this intense feline with your friends below!

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    Cat Rescued By A Vet Soon Gets Addicted To Helping Other Kittens In Need

    Some people are instinctive nurturers. These folks seem to have an astonishing sense of others’ thoughts and needs, and they will selflessly head out of their method to assist whenever they can.

    In a lot of ways, it’s the sacrifices these individuals make that keep the world running, and sometimes, animals have that particular, too! Rescue cat Benny was just one such individual. His mama, a veterinary service technician, cultivated a lot of distressed felines and kitties, and lucky for her he was constantly ready to provide a paw, too.

    Just watch exactly what he ended up providing for all his preferred kitten pals!

    In her career as a veterinary technician, Ellen Carozza has saved hundreds of felines, but one was so special that she knew right away that she had to keep and adopt him. His name was Benedict Cumbercat, or “Benny,” for short!

    As little Benedict Cumbercat got older, more powerful, and better, Ellen chose it was time for her to start promoting more kittens. Nevertheless, she wasn’t sure how Benny would respond to their existence. Would he be caring … or would he attempt to assault them?

    Right away, Benny showed how he truly felt. As it so happened, he loved being a foster parent! In no time at all, he was caring for each and every kitten who came through Ellen’s door. The cuteness was almost too much to handle…

    Seemingly, Benny had just the sort of intuitive sense of the love and affection the kittens needed. He enjoyed his role so much that he even got down in the dumps when there were no kittens to take care of!

    Benny’s most important work might have been with Winifred. When Ellen brought her home, the poor thing had been abandoned by her mother and only weighed about half of what was normal for her age …a

    Thankfully, Ellen had an incubator and all the bottles she would need to care for Winifred, but Benny was her real secret weapon. She knew Benny could give Winifred the love and affection she needed to get healthier.

    Benny immediately knew exactly what to do the moment he met the cute little Winifred. He quickly took her under his wing (somewhat literally!), snuggled up with her, and cared for her instinctively, as if she was his own.

    Eventually, Winifred grew up to a perfectly normal, healthy weight, and she was soon ready for adoption. Even better was that Ellen’s sister took her in, so Benny and Winifred could stay quite close!

    Since the time he spent with Winifred, Benedict Cumbercat continued to be a wonderful helper to all of the cats and kittens Ellen brought home. Not only that, but he seemed to love his job more than ever with each new foster kitten!

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    Man Can’t Have a Cat So He Takes Photo With Every Kitty He Meets and Gives Them Cuddles

    This man adores cats but hasn’t got a chance to bring home a kitty due to his current living conditions, but his admiration for the feline never diminished.

    He started a mission to take a picture with every cat he meets as a memento to express his love for these beautiful creatures.

    Nick Canning @ncanning2014

    Nick Canning, a long time animal lover, has always wanted to have a cat of his own. Though he lives with an Australian Cattle dog, he knows something is missing in his life – a cat or cats.

    In order to fill that void, he decided to share his love for the feline on Instagram one day on a whim by uploading a photo he took with his friend’s cat. Since then, he has captured every moment he shares with his feline friends and won’t let them go without some cuddles.

    None of the cats are mine. Our apartment is pretty tiny so we’re waiting until we move into a bigger place to get one.

    “Most of the cats in the pictures are my friends’, and a few in there are strays or farm cats.”

    Nick Canning @ncanning2014

    I put one picture up, and my friends liked it because I look a bit awkward holding cats, so I just kept it going. If it can help cats get adopted, that’d be even better.

    Nick Canning @ncanning2014

    Some of the kitties he’s befriended are barn cats.

    This gorgeous panther kitty looks magnificent as Nick’s little companion during his visit.

    Nick Canning @ncanning2014

    Nothing is off the limits when it comes to photographing with cats.

    Nick came across this purrfect portrait that was quite reminiscent to his own. Naturally, he had to pose with it.

    Nick Canning @ncanning2014

    Nick befriended a little stray and spent some quality time with him.

    He hopes his photos will help get some of these kitties adopted!

    Nick Canning @ncanning2014

    His friends’ cats can’t escape some lovin’ from their human admirer.

    Nick requests to take a photo every time he visits a friend who has a cat or cats.

    Nick Canning @ncanning2014

    Nick and a kitty with the perfect mustache!

    Nick Canning @ncanning2014
    Nick Canning @ncanning2014

    This kitty is unsure about the purrparazzo but doesn’t mind some cuddles from his biggest fan.

    Nick Canning @ncanning2014

    Nick and his snuggly pal!

    Nick Canning @ncanning2014

    Though he doesn’t have a cat at the moment, he’s not letting anything stop him from showing his love for these adorable creatures.

    Real men love cats!

    Nick Canning @ncanning2014
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    Woman Gets on Bus But Comes Out with Tiny Kitten In Her Arms, Meowing for Love…

    A young woman got on a bus but came out with a kitten who needed a home. Meet Ivy Quinn!

    Ivy was just a couple of months old when she found her human on public transportation. “She kind of fell in our laps and was not expected or intended,”

    Kayla was on her way to get a bike tube for a flat tire. When she hopped on the bus, she noticed a friendly lady with a stroller with her kids in tow, then she heard meowing.

    “She had kittens in the base storage on the stroller. They were at the stage of starting to crawl and were very adventurous trying to escape their current placement,”

    The lady asked Kayla and another passenger if they would like to hold a kitten or perhaps give them a home as she could no longer care for them and was on her way to a rescue to get them help.

    “It was a very interesting ride for sure, and toward the end I had been watching the other rider who fell in love with how fluffy and calm mannered the kitten she was holding.”

    The other kitten needed medical attention and help from an animal rescue but the tiny tuxedo was playful, healthy, and as soon as Kayla put her in her arms, she turned into a cuddly fluff ball.

    Kayla offered to adopt the sweet kitten so she could be cared for, loved and spoiled.

    “We spent the day together as I used the bus system to get a repair item for my bike, probably the luckiest I’ve ever been getting a flat tire.”

    “I do understand the lady’s situation and forgive her for her choice as it led me to having a dear new friend in my life.”

    After a bath and a big dinner, the kitten fell asleep like a purrito.

    She quickly settled into her new home, running around the place like she owned it.

    Ivy supurrvising her human in the kitchen.

    Kayla introduced Ivy to her tortie cat, Mama, who was never a fan of other animals, but somehow Ivy was able to connect to her.

    As days went by, they played together and cuddled during naps. The once “only” cat bonded with little Ivy and they are now inseparable friends.

    A year later, Ivy has grown into a gorgeous tuxedo cat.

    Ivy tries to fit into the makeshift carrier that Kayla used to carry her on the first day.

    Kayla never expected to find a kitten on a bus, but the moment Ivy cried out to her for love, she knew she had to take her.

    Look at that fluffy tail!

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    10 Ways Your Cat Shows You Love

    1. Lightly touching her forehead against you

    Called head bunting, this cat act of affection is given only to the A-listers in a cat’s life. Your cat will face you, lower her head and lean a bit forward so that the top of her head touches your forehead, face or other body part. This loving touch can often release feel-good hormones called endorphins in your cat and you.

    head bunting

    2. Cheek rubbing you

    This act secretes oils from her facial glands. It’s her way of claiming you as her own. Just be thankful that she does so by cheek rubbing, not spraying. Cheek rubbing

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