Brazilian Army Jaguar Survives In Amazon Jungles

This orphaned Jaguar cub was raised by the Brazilian military.

The Jungle Warfare Training Centre – Centro de Instrução de Guerra na Selva (CIGS), and also known as the Colonel Jorge Teixeira Centre, is a military organisation based in Manaus, intended to qualify military leaders of small groups, as to become wilderness warriors, fighters able to accomplish military nature missions in the most inhospitable parts of the Brazilian rainforest.

Courses are taught in jungle operations scenery in different categories – Senior Officers, Officers, Senior Non-Commissioned Officers, Non-Commissioned Officers, Medical and Health Care Personnel, and small courses for the military, police forces and civilians. Its symbol is the jaguar.

These are mostly rescued orphaned cubs that can’t be sent back to the forest. The army keeps them at a military zoo

When the army men of the Brazilian army found a little jaguar in the jungle of Amazon, he was hardly alive. It could not be left in the jungle — it meant certain death from hands of hunters. It was taken with them, but even it was clear after a while that the kitten is too weak to release him. Local authorities allowed leaving the kitty under the supervision of the Brazilian army. And here now the jaguar who was named Jiquitaia is healthy and surrounded with the care of people who rescued him from death.

When there are such people on Earth who are not indifferent to other living beings’ suffering, this planet still has a chance.

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