Cat Comes to Visit Her Neighbor Every Day For Treats and Pets For Over a Year in These Adorable Photos

A cat has been visiting this family next door every single day, asking for treats and pets. She hasn’t missed a day without some lovin’ from her neighbors for over a year.

Ever since this kitty (named Mama) found her friendly neighbors, she has been coming on a visit every day, waiting for them on their patio. As soon as she sees them, she will knock on their door or window, meowing for attention.

About a year ago, the cat showed up on their patio and scampered up to them as if she’d known them all her life, it was really cute.

They opened the door for the cat, gave her some treats and cuddles, and she hasn’t stopped visiting the family since.

She meows as well as paws at the home window or outdoor patio home window to try and get our attention. If she does not see us she will certainly sleep on the patio furniture waiting on us.
The feline comes knocking on the window when she detects someone in your home.

“I see you meow!”

They come outside to welcome their feline pal with a bag of treats and a lot of family cuddles.

The kitty has had her neighbors trained.

Nom nom nom!

The kitty is back!

This time she knocks on the patio door, asking for their attention right meow!

They quickly open the door and oblige to her every need.

She loves her some head scratches.

It’s safe to say that the kitty has adopted her neighbors as her own and comes over to her second home as she pleases.

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