Cat with a fluffy squirrel tail is taking the internet by storm

In a world that is filled to the brim with bad news and all sorts of unwanted negativity, it is great to see animals who transcend the misery and bring us together with their amazing levels of cuteness. The video that you are about to witness is painfully short and you may need to run it back a few (dozen) times in order to truly appreciate it.

The cute kitty in this clip goes by the name of Bell. Bell looks just like any fluffy cat, but there is one major twist. Her tail does not look like the tails on most cats. Her tail resembles that of a squirrel and we must admit that we have never seen such a distinctive looking tail on an animal like this one before. This is the sort of video that has to be seen in order to be truly believed.

Bell is part of a very unique breed of cat, which contributes to her specialized appearance. She is a Napoleon (also known as a Minuet) and these cats are well known for their round faces, shorter legs and fluffy tails. These key traits are what allows them to stand out and this sweet cat is so cute, we can barely stand to look at her.

The International Cat Association (which is also known as TICA) has only recently begun to realize Bell’s breed as an official one and we cannot believe that it took them this long to do so. According to the good people at TICA, this breed is well known for their affectionate nature. They are also gentle and considered to be very people oriented creatures.


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