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    10 Ways Your Cat Shows You Love

    1. Lightly touching her forehead against you Called head bunting, this cat act of affection is given only to the A-listers in a cat’s life. Your cat will face you, lower her head and lean a bit forward so that the top of her head touches your forehead, face or other body part. This loving […] More

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    Woman Uses Dating App Tinder to Track Down Her Missing Cat…

    A woman from Northampton, England came up with an unorthodox way to track down her missing cat. She created a Tinder profile not for herself but for her kitty that she loves so dearly. Meet Peanut the cat! Peanut the naughty feline left the house in a sneaky way last week. Katie didn’t understand how […] More

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    8 Common Household Items That Are Toxic To Pets

    You probably already know that chocolate is off-limits and there are plenty of other potentially hazardous foods that have to stay out of your dog or cat’s reach. However, pet-proofing the pantry isn’t the only way to keep your four-legged pal safe. Many common household items can pose a threat to your pet also. Here’s […] More

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    Vet Saves Poisoned Cat’s Life With An Unexpected Antidote

    One very sick kitty has a new lease on life and a fun new name thanks to the quick-thinking of a veterinarian at Australia’s RSPCA Animal Emergency Hospital at Wacol. “Tipsy” the tomcat was saved from certain death with an IV infusion of ethanol – in the form of vodka – after ingesting a toxic […] More

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    Look How This Cat Responds To “Who’s A Good Boy?”

    Don’t be fooled, ladies and gentlemen. This may look like a cat. Walks like a cat. Meows like a cat. But what you see here almost certainly is a dog. Most cats play it cool. Maybe they’ll let you pet them today, maybe not. They’ll sit in your lap when they’re ready but if you […] More

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    Man Creates Vending Machine For His Cat Using Plastic Balls As Token

    People normally train their dogs who are more likely to adopt the activities which are being taught to them. Ben Millam, who is the proud owner of a cat whose name is “Monkey” have trained his cat to search for her food. Ben has actually created a sort of a vending machine which allows the […] More

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    All This 5-Year-Old Wants To Do Is Help Save Street Cats

    “He said it makes him feel like a superhero for animals.” Every time Kris Papiernik and Kia Griffin’s 5-year-old nephew, Shon, comes for a weekend visit, he only wants to do one thing — go outside and take care of the street cats. Every time Kris Papiernik and Kia Griffin’s 5-year-old nephew, Shon, comes for […] More

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