Dashcam Video Video Will Take Your Breath Away

In Norway, a boy was extremely lucky. When he wanted to cross the street from behind a school bus a truck coming from the other direction could barely stop to avoid a horrible accident.

The dangerous situation happened a while back on June 19the in the Norwegian town Gol but now the video is circulating the internet.
The dashcam footage filmed by Tor-Bjørn Kyrkjebø shows us a bus stopping and 5 kids getting off. 2 kids wanna cross the street instantly without checking the ongoing traffic.
The truck driver coming from the other side can’t see the children because they are behind the bus.
Either the truck is equipped with an automatic braking system or the truck driver had amazing reflexes!

Bjørn Kyrkjebø was heavily impressed with the happening. He eventually posted the video online to warn children for things like this.
Eventually, everything worked out great but according to the bus company, the bus stopped on a place that is not allowed to stop.
They will investigate the whole matter

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