Woman Finds A Wild Animal In Her Home And Proceeds To Do The Dumbest Thing Imaginable

Cats are curious creatures. One second, your cat will cozy sit your lap and purr himself into the sweetest cat nap; the very next, he’ll be clawing in your arm with a murderous look in his eyes since you dared to touch his stubborn belly.

As unpredictable as felines can be, there’s something we can all be sure of: the average family kitty’s acts of hostility provoke bit more than a trip to the medicine cabinet. Sure, their claws are sharp, however, it’s safe to say that they’re relatively safe.

Truth be told, any home cat’s destructive potential is very little in the grand plan of things– which was something the lady in the following story discovered the hard way …

People tend to have strong feelings about house cats. Thanks to sporadic moments of intense affection followed rapidly by five sharp claws to the forearm, some might see cats as polarizing pets, to say the least.

Yes, sometimes a cat’s misbehaving and flagrant disregard for glass cups sitting on a table’s edge can have owners at their wit’s end. But at the end of the day, your dastardly household cat is truly the angel of the feline world, especially considering its wild cousins…

Don’t believe it? Check out what happened to this homeowner after she entered her kitchen to find an angry lynx inside. Tons of questions arise from this scene: How did this lynx get into the house? Why isn’t the woman moving in the other direction?

Naturally, the woman turned on her camera and moved as close to the lynx as possible to get a better angle; however, upon hearing the fearsome growl from the lynx’s mouth, she backed up behind the safety of her kitchen counter. Smart move, lady.

But for the sake of capturing a truly bizarre moment, she started back towards the lynx again, only to be met with a ferocious swipe. A house cat’s teeny claws sure seem preferable compared to the lynx’s massive paws, right?

After avoiding one attack from the lynx, the woman went in for round two. The lynx wasn’t interested in any closeups, however, and fired back with a nasty two-paw lunge. This lynx was not messing around…

While a lynx wouldn’t compete with a mountain lion or tiger, these felines still pack a powerful punch. Weighing anywhere from 15 to 60 pounds, the lynx can throw more weight behind an attack than your average house cat. Certainly, those long, sharp claws could do some damage.

While a lynx attack isn’t necessarily as lethal as some other big cats, a trip to the emergency room is definitely a possible result. Your average kitty’s scratches on the back of your wrist aren’t looking so bad in comparison to this ferocious feline, huh?

The next time your cat acts up and misbehaves, maybe remember this simple mantra: at least he’s not a lynx. Because while your sassy kitten might be costing you a fortune in Band-Aids, at least you’re not dealing with the terrifying roar of the feline from that video…

If you want to hear the soul-rending sounds this lynx makes, you’ll have to tune into the video. Just a warning though: the roar of this animal will haunt your nightmares for years to come…

Did she get the angry lynx to ease up and calm down? Was that her idea of a pet, or did the lynx wander into her house? Who’s to say, but one thing is for sure: a house cat is looking pretty cuddly right about now!

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