Woman Uses Dating App Tinder to Track Down Her Missing Cat…

A woman from Northampton, England came up with an unorthodox way to track down her missing cat. She created a Tinder profile not for herself but for her kitty that she loves so dearly.

Meet Peanut the cat!

Katie Alsop

Peanut the naughty feline left the house in a sneaky way last week. Katie didn’t understand how he managed to get out, however, she was apprehensive about Peanut’s safety as there ‘d been news about a cat murderer in the area.

Katie couldn’t get her cat off her mind for a second. After connecting to a regional neighborhood for Lost Pets on Facebook, she started conceptualizing for other ways to find her feline.

Unexpectedly, a light-bulb minute when Tinder entered your mind.

Katie Alsop

Tinder is a dating app where people get in touch with other locals residing in a specific range, hoping to discover their perfect match. Knowing that Peanut was within a certain vicinity from her home, Katie chose to get assist from people around the location by means of Tinder.

“I set up a premium Tinder profile (which reaches more people) for him with a reward poster and someone spotted him in half an hour and told me where he was,” Katie said via Facebook. “I had worried he was a victim of the cat killer or maybe went in the rubbish bins on collection day so was over the moon.”

Katie Alsop

Turned out, Peanut was just a couple of streets away in an estate that Katie ‘d never expected. “I didn’t understand (it) existed, would never ever have looked there.”

Katie rushed to the location and discovered Peanut when in the Tesco car park, but the cat was shocked and ran away. They didn’t want Peanut to go further away from house, so instead of chasing him down, Katie utilized Peanut’s preferred aromas to guide him back to his house.

“We left foul-smelling trails (feline litter, warm tuna, etc) from the estate to our home, and I heard him playing around the front at 2 AM sobbing and puzzled,” Katie stated.


Peanut’s profile received hundreds of matches. Locals were working together, keeping an eye out for the missing kitty until he was finally found!

Katie was overjoyed to see her beloved boy’s return. Peanut was also relieved that his outdoor misadventure was officially over, and that he was back to his comfortable abode with all the familiar scents.

Peanut back to taking over the puppy pillow and loving the comfort of his own kingdom.

Katie Alsop

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